How To Use Swiperino

Firstly, Swiperino is free to use and easy to set up. Here are the steps you'll need to take to get started.

If you get lost or need help, we're available via our Help page.

Getting Started

Takes less than a minute

  1. Create an account here:
  2. Log into your account, find "My Api Key" in the dropdown menu: My Api Key
  3. Copy your API Key
  4. Head over to and insert your api key into the Swiperino panel
  5. Done, you can now start auto swiping.

Configure Like settings

  1. Make sure you've completed the getting started guide and header over to
  2. There should be a Swiperino panel on the right side that has "Speed in Milliseconds" & "Right swipe percentage
  3. Speed in Milliseconds" determines how quickly you'd like Swiperino to swipe for you. This is just an estimant, it will not swipe exactly that speed each time but around that speed.
  4. Right swipe percentage" determines how often you'd like to swipe right or left. You can pick between 0-100. The higher the number, the higher percentage Swiperino will swipe right. We recommend keeping it between 96-99% for best results.

Set Up Auto Chat & Auto Date

  1. Guide coming soon

AI Chat

  1. Get some tokens
  2. Go to my account & input your spoken languages & info about yourself into the AI Chat section.
  3. Go to Tinder
  4. Select a conversation and click on the chatgpt button at the top right.

Set up Auto Messages

  1. Type in your Message. To include their name, input %name% exactly like this. URLs are not allowed in the auto message.
  2. Click Save and a message should appear confirming it saved
  3. Head back to and check to see if your message was updated

Messages are only sent to matches when using swiperino auto liker.

Auto messager currently only works if your Tinder language is set to one of the following languages. English, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Polish. (email us if you want to use it in a different language)

Set up Routines

  1. Click "Add Routine". A Prompt should appear.
  2. In the prompt, select which day you would like to set Swiperino to run on. Also select the start/stop time.
  3. Click Save and the newly created routine should appear in your routines list
  4. You can create multiple routines (current limit is 16 routines)
  5. After adding your routines, head over to and click "Enable Routines"
  6. If "Status" Changes to "Routines Status" that means it's activated and working

Use on Android

  1. Search for "Kiwi Browser" in the google app store and download it.
  2. Kiwi Browser allows you to add google chrome extensions directly to it. So you can now proceed with the Getting Started Guide.
Note: We are not affiliated with Kiwi Browser

Use on iOS

  1. Download the app "Shortcuts" on your phone
  2. Go to Settings->Shortcuts and enable "Allow Untrusted Shortcuts
  3. Via your phone add the Swiperino Shortcut
  4. Open in Safari and run the Swiperino shortcut.

Change Location

Guide coming soon