Top 10 Tinder Tips: How to get More Matches

For many people, Tinder has been a rollercoaster ride. Both men and women spend significant time refining their biography, looking for the perfect photos to include in their profile, and browsing their preferred gender for potential matches. Nothing feels worse than making a huge time commitment and doing all that work to result in little no to matches. Indeed, the most common complaint over online message boards and forums is the lack of matches or inability to sustain a conversation over the platform. For an application to allow seemingly unlimited access to beautiful people all around world, you would expect Tinder to be a blessing. Instead, the platform has become a source of frustration.

By implementing these ten tips below, you can expect to achieve great results and finally land some worthwhile dates.

1. Check Your Settings

One of the best outcomes from using Tinder is utilizing an automatic Tinder swiper application and matching with people that you share similarities with. However, if your settings aren’t set correctly, those matches might be extremely far away. Unless you enjoy driving 40 miles out of your way to meet with someone on Tinder, save yourself the headache by setting your location and age preferences.

2. Picture Yourself Perfectly

Matching on Tinder requires both parties to swipe right after finding that a profile is appealing and/or attractive. Some people even ignore reading biographies and auto swipe right. In most situations, this drastically improves the odds of matching other users. Having the right pictures in your arsenal is like a slideshow of Tinder tools where you can capture the interest of another person without having to write the perfect bio. “Love at first sight” is more than a phrase, it’s the literal truth. Take the time to go through your favorite photos that display you at your most attractive.

3. Make Yourself the Center of Attention.

Besides choosing only your most attractive photos, it’s important to make sure that the person looking at your profile knows exactly who you are. Including massive team photos is definitely a bad decision, and if you want to include photos with others, they’ll need to come after individual photos. You don’t want a match to occur, then the other person asking “Are you the attractive one in the middle? My goodness!” When in reality, you were on the left of the picture. To avoid awkward situations and silly questions, start with individual pictures, and use group pictures sparingly.

4. Smile for the Camera

The type of photos you use are extremely important, and if you the type of person to auto swipe, you would likely refrain from swiping right on anybody that looks mean or outright unappealing. Include close of photos displaying your facial expression, as a smile goes a long way with impressing the other party.

5. Refine your Biography

The truth is a Tinder bio isn’t the place for a full-fledged auto biography. Nobody really cares about your strict gym schedule or what you eat on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, the bio should not involve any philosophical quotes or an ideology you live by, either. Keep your bio short and simple, and in the chance that you get to meet someone in-person, you provide yourself with an opportunity to learn about each other.

6. Your Bio Provides a Window to Who You Are

Now that you know you about what not to include in your bio, you can provide information that will draw interest in whomever is viewing your profile. Think of things that you like, any type of hobbies, or a short description of how you live your life. Do you consider yourself an athlete? Are you a foodie? Anything short and sweet that ignites a full-blown conversation after the match is very helpful.

7. Don't use the Super Like feature

Speaking frankly here. We've gotten a lot of matches on Tinder. We've given a few Super Likes and received a few Super Likes. We've never once gone on a date with somebody who we've given or received a super like. It's almost as if it's jynxed. Of course this may just be our experience. Boosts on the other hand...

8. Consider Using a Boost

If you’ve spent time on your bio and pictures, and are still not getting matches, consider using the Boost feature. This feature increases the visibility of your profile for 30 minutes, sometimes reaching ten times the users than it normally would. This always results in more matches.

9. Where You Live Matters

If you live in a suburban area and drive into the city for work, it’s possible that your location range may not be sufficient. In this case, use Tinder when you get into the more populated areas. Or, if you attend a university and live off-campus, use the app more when you arrive. This way you’ll match with more people and might even end up with a study buddy.

10. Try Tinder Gold.

Tinder Gold shouldn’t be seen as a last resort. This feature allows you to set yourself in different places, see users who have matched you first, and an almost unlimited amount of swiping. Coupled with an auto swiper, the Tinder Gold feature will deliver more matches and opportunities than you can imagine.