Tinder Tips for Men

Imagine having access to an unlimited directory of beautiful, awe-inspiring women at the touch of your fingertips. You already use your mobile device to check scores, read emails, and spend countless hours browsing social media, so why not utilize the most impactful app of the decade? Simply put, Tinder is amazing – browsing a multitude of gorgeous women, looking at their precious smiles, and swiping right at the opportunity to get to know them in-person. This, unfortunately, is where the hurdle begins. Matching is just beginning, then actually meeting up at a café, restaurant, or any place is even more challenging.

So what can you do to improve your odds? Below are some tips on how to land matches, have a great conversation, and finally meet in person.

Your Profile Pictures Are Important

The art of attraction begins with how a person looks – if she doesn’t think you’re handsome then she’s not going to match you. Even if she has “trigger fingers” and decides to auto swipe on all profiles, she’s likely to stop abruptly the moment she decides that some pictures are unattractive. Your pictures are the most important part of your profile. Actually, you can even leave your biography blank if you are handsome. Remember to choose pictures that display your qualities – a great smile, awesome dental care, a captivating background, and even, a photo of yourself engaged with a furry friend or in the middle of an activity you enjoy.

Work on your Bio

After making sure you’ve chosen your best pictures, you should work on producing a bio. Not all of us men have great physiques and look like we can be on a Calvin Klein commercial. In that case, putting together is mandatory. Some things to include are your interests, hobbies, and even a witty, quirky line that shows you have a sense of humor. Avoid any touchy subjects and write your bio in a way that invites questions, conversation, and interest from the audience.

Just Swipe Right

There's a reason Swiperino is so popular. It's a numbers game, and the numbers show that ladies are more picky than guys are. Let Swiperino do the swiping for you, then you come back and decide who you want to have a conversation with. Simple. If you plan on using Swiperino often, make sure you set your Speed to between 500-1000 milliseconds with 99% or lower right swipe chance.

Change your Tinder Location

Initially you probably searched your local area for matches, but if that worked you probably wouldn't be reading this blog. Be it low population or poor matches, your area just may not be the best Tinder area. Why not try dropping your location in the nearest city or a city you're interested in moving to? More people equals more chance.

Reset your Tinder ELO score

If you're just not getting any matches, it may not be you. It may actually be your profile. Tinder has an internal "hotness score" that they call "Tinder ELO score". They use it in various ways to keep both genders happy with their matches. Sometimes you can find yourself on the lower end of this score.

We have personal accounts here at Swiperino and notice that they can get stale after a while. However after making new accounts linked with entirely different Facebook accounts and phone numbers we immediately noticed a bunch new matches that our original accounts didn't match with.