Tinder Tips for Women

Tinder is an incredible app for women who lead a busy professional or academic life or are simply not having luck with the traditional dating venues. Going to social events throughout the week isn’t feasible with busy work schedules and for those who aren’t crazy about loud, alcohol-induced scenes. Instead, having access to a diverse directory of men who are also looking for love or companionship is a much better deal. However, Tinder is a tool that is used by overwhelmingly more men, and it helps to be selective about who you decide to match and take a chance on meeting in real life. To avoid awkward encounters and spice up your Tinder profile to meet men that align with your interests, here are few tips that can help:

Choose Your Most Striking Photos

Similar to reality, men are attracted to women primarily based on their looks. When creating your Tinder profile, you can mix up the pictures with a funny expression to show your silly side, but it pays to show photos that display your attractiveness. This can come in many forms, including seductive photos that show lots of skin, a photo from your last vacation at the beach, and even a capture of your beautiful smile. The best approach is to include a combination of these photos. The end result, at most times, will reveal that the men on the app cannot resist and will auto swipe at their first glance of your beauty.

Write a Simple Bio

Writing a long bio can be a turn-off for many, especially if it includes touchy subjects. While you should be selective in who you pick, you can drive many potential matches away by including any controversial information in your profile description. Unless you’re looking for an activist or strict on your dating preferences, it’s best to leave any discussion of religion or politics from your bio. The truth is, you don’t need to include much information. Write a sentence or two about yourself, include a quirky joke, and relax. This will invite more profile matches and instill confidence for men to start the conversation.

Set your Location and Age Range

If you notice that many of your matches are miles away – or a lot older than you, then you should check your settings. Its no myth that older men like younger women, and this can be completely avoided by setting the age range to your liking. Additionally, it can be frustrating to finally get matched with someone who is an hour drive away. Keep it close and you’re likely to enjoy using Tinder much more.

Remember Why You're On Tinder

Be it for a relationship, making friends, having fun or just out of boredom/curiousity, remember why you started Tinder in the first place. Start the conversation with that in mind and if the conversation leads away from your overall goal then move onto the next match. You're a lady with a tinder auto swiper and tinder location changer, you're bound to stubble across a good match.

Don't search for Mister Perfect

There's a lot of people in the world. Mister Perfect is probably out there somewhere, but the reality is that you might never meet him and if you did you may not even realise that he is Mister Perfect. Think about a list of attributes you'd like your ideal partner to have and try to find somebody with 80% or more of those. We promise you'll be happier in the long run.

Don’t be Shy

Many women expect men to initiate the conversation first, but that’s not completely necessary. A match entails that both users find something appealing in the other, so it shouldn’t feel strange to start the conversation. Chances are, he may not be available at the time of your matching. Feel free to comment on a photo or say something simple. This will increase your odds of exchange phone numbers and finally meeting in-person.