Understanding What ELO Score is and How It Affects Your Matches

Every single dating app on the market uses ELO (A.K.A. Attractiveness) score so it's important to understand it before using a dating app.

In the world of online dating, finding a match may sometimes feel like a complex game of chess. Just as in chess, where each player has a rating, many dating apps employ a similar scoring system to rank users. This system, known as the ELO score, plays a crucial role in determining who sees your profile and, ultimately, who you match with. But what exactly is an ELO score, and how does it affect your chances of finding a potential partner? This article dives deep into the mechanics behind the ELO score and offers tips on improving your online dating game.

What is an ELO Score?

Originally designed for ranking chess players, the ELO rating system has found its way into various competitive platforms, including online dating. In the context of dating apps, an ELO score is a numeric representation of your desirability and attractiveness to other users. While it might seem a bit reductive to boil attraction down to a number, the ELO score helps dating apps organize and prioritize user profiles.

How Does the ELO Score Work?

At its core, the ELO system is about predictions and outcomes. When you swipe right on someone (indicating interest) and they do the same, it’s considered a ‘match’. Each time this happens, the app's algorithm adjusts your ELO score based on the score of the person you matched with. If you consistently match with users who have high ELO scores, your score will increase. Conversely, if you mostly match with users of lower ELO scores, yours might decrease.

Factors Influencing Your ELO Score

Several factors can influence your ELO score on dating apps, including:

How to Improve Your ELO Score

Improving your ELO score is akin to enhancing your overall profile's appeal. Here are some tips:

The Future of ELO Scores in Dating Apps

As dating apps evolve, the transparency and mechanics behind ELO scores might change. Some platforms are already revising their algorithms to focus more on mutual interests and less on a numerical rating system. However, understanding the principles behind ELO scores can still offer valuable insight into how your profile is perceived and how you can improve your chances of finding meaningful connections.


While the ELO score might seem like a mysterious force shaping your dating life, it's essentially a tool used by apps to make the process of finding matches more efficient. By understanding and optimizing how you engage with dating apps, you can enhance your ELO score, thereby increasing your visibility and chances of finding a match. Remember, the goal is not just to play the game better but to find genuine connections that enrich your life.